Inspired by 20 years of National Aboriginal Day

We are carried on the shoulders of those who came before us. For every success and opportunity, we are truly grateful. It's only been a year and we have come so far, so what is next. 

Within the spirit of continuous improvement, we are so happy to announce our refillable tea offer. Less waste and more tea! We've teamed up with Zero Waste Market, who we love, to find a way to offer our delicious teas in more earth-friendly packaging. Jars offered us a lower cost option to evolve into. 

Basically, you can purchase of jar of our tea and then bring it back to refill. We can also mail you a refill, wrapped in compostable paper, so you'll never run low on your fave again. And, now that we can charge by the gram, you can bring in your favourite tea container, or containers, which we will weigh and fill for you.  

To extend the impact of our refillable jars, and our mission to share better tea, we are launching The Capilano in your Workplace tea service. Because, great work deserves great tea. Here's the PDF with links, please share widely. 

The first celebration of National Aboriginal Day took a big idea and then lots of support to grow. It energized a country with pride for ways of being that we can all be inspired by. There's now a catalyzing shift back to the old teachings of working together to lift each other up. New ways of doing business, that we are proud to be part of.

it takes a beautiful committed community ...

As we celebrate our grand opening at 221 Abbott Street, we have so many wonderful people to thank. The journey to start up can be like snakes and ladders while carrying a newborn. You need a beautiful community who is committed to your success. Whether they are family and friends offering hugs and pep-talks or management gurus who are sharing their expertise, we are so fortunate to have built a strong foundation of support. 

We would like to thank Hawkers Market for seeing our potential early on and facilitating our summer pop-up at McArthur Glen. We have big thanks for Good To Grow Natural Products Coaching for product development consulting and wholesale market planning. We love Feeding Growth - 39 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW TO GROW YOUR FOOD BUSINESS for introducing us to so many inspiring local brands - and to Vancity for facilitating and funding such an awesome program . Big shouts out to RADIUS Ventures Slingshot Accelerator Program who accepted us in their Cohort 3, which is food & beverage focused, and is supporting us to think so much bigger than we did before. 

And to our customers, suppliers, supporters and employees, 
Chet kw’enmantumiyap (We are thankful to you all)



the work of re-construction

Within the practice of reaching backward to tradition and forward to centredness, we redefine and reconstruct what it means to be Indigenous. We applaud the change makers who photographwrite and film our collective identities. And, this month we were able to share revenue with a Sḵwx̱wú7mesh non-profit we especially admire."Kwi Awt Stelmexw creates nation (re)building champions within the Squamish Peoples through strengthening all aspects of our heritage, language, culture, and art."  On December 31, 2015 we happily sent 20% of our retail tea sales for December totalling $480.00.

For the new year, we challenge First Nations and non-First Nations businesses and organizations operating in Coast Salish territory to match or beat our contribution. Let's reconstruct the impact of business on Indigenous Peoples together. Go to and let us know @capilanotea so we can share your great news!